Tochu Front Hanger

The Tochu Front Hanger Shot Blasting Machine Type TFH (formerly knows as TCFH) is suitable for blasting small to medium sized workpieces. The single hanger, which is located inside the blasting chamber, is loaded with aluminium die-casting workpieces or small iron castings which are mainly used in the automotive industry. This machine is designed in a way that the dust collector is incorporated into the main body of the machine, therefore limiting the space requirements.

  • Compact machine design minimizes space requirements
  • Convenient loading and unloading of workpieces
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Low investment costs
Max. diameter of workpiece hanger (mm) 300 500
Height of workpiece hanger (mm) 500 600
Max. loading weight per hanger (kg) 50 75
Average cycle time (e.g. die-casting workpiece)(min) 10 8
Number of blast wheels & capacity 2 x 3 Hp (2.2Kw) 2 x 10 Hp (7.5Kw)
Air Consumption 8 cfm at 6 bar 12 cfm at 6 bar
Total power requirements 10 Hp (7.5 Kw) 25 Hp (18.5 Kw)
Machine dimensions (mm) W 1400 1700
D 2100 2500
H 3600 4100