Rotary Hanger Shot Blasting Machine

This 2-Hanger Rotary Type Shot Blasting Machine Type TRH (formerly known as IRH) is the preferred choice for customers that need to blast cast iron and aluminium castings. The workpieces can be conveniently loaded and unloaded by placing them on the hanger in the front section of the machine, while at the same time the other batch of workpieces are cleaned in the blasting area. Due to the fact that they are placed on hangers, damage to delicate workpieces will be prevented making this kind of machine the most suitable solution for the treatment of automobile and die-casting components.

  • Fully automated cleaning of workpieces
  • 100% blasting coverage of workpieces due to the spinning action of hanger
  • Machine tight sealed to ensure no abrasive leakage
  • Convenient loading and unloading of workpieces
Max. diameter of workpiece hanger (mm)500600
Height of workpiece hanger (mm)600900
Max. loading weight per hanger (kg)5080
Max. single workpiece weight (kg)1015
Average cycle time (e.g. die casting workpiece)(sec)6060
Number of blast wheels & capacity2 x 7.5 Hp (5.5 Kw)2 x 20 Hp (15 Kw)
Air Consumption18 cfm at 6 bar25 cfm at 6 bar
Total power requirements23 Hp (17.05 Kkw)56.5 Hp (42.4 Kw)
Machine dimensions (mm)W15001900